This list of unconventional Sales Enablement tools covers tools that generally are not considered sales tools for one reason or another, and they can be used for anyone doing any type of sales.

After all, everyone is a salesperson in one way or another, and I hope this article inspires everyone from solopreneurs to SaaS salespeople, to marketers selling ideas, and all in between.

Here we go!

1) aText (MAC) (For Windows: TextExpander)

aText (MAC) - Leo Morejon
  • What is it: A “text expansion,” or as they call it, a “typing accelerator” tool. Think of it as “auto-complete” for anything or everything you type on a regular basis. Similar tools exist for email, aText is different because it works across your whole computer.
  • How to use it: We all end up typing a lot of the same things over and over – from “Thank you” emails to links, phone numbers, and so on.  Use aText to save countless hours of typing, automatically compose full emails, populate lists of links to sales collateral, and more. has a fantastic guide:

  • Link: aText: | TextExpander:

2) Fiverr

Fiverr - Leo Morejon
  • What is it: A freelance marketplace. You can hire people online to perform any number of tasks for as low as $5.

  • How to use it: The possibilities are endless. Hire someone to research a prospect, to transcribe a meeting, or to copyedit. Better yet, get really creative and use someone to create inspiring content to be used on a sales pitch or to wow a client. I’ve created personalized songs with unique beats and lyrics for a ringtone to share as a gift, explainer videos for a client, and also had someone help me research upcoming events – all for about $5 each.

  • Link:

3) Hootsuite

Hootsuite - Leo Morejon
  • What is it: A social media management tool. Manage Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms using one single tool.

  • How to use it: Salespeople need to use social media. Use Hootsuite to save time, uncover new opportunities, and optimize many other aspect of your social media efforts, quickly and easily schedule content, track conversations from specific people, setup keyword searches related to your product or industry, track your performance, and so on.

  • Link:

4) Croissant

Croissant - Leo Morejon
  • What is it: A shared network of co-working spaces. They have deals with multiple co-working spaces across a number of cities and you can check into and use any of them.

  • How to use it: Getting back to the office after a meeting or finding places to work in between meetings can be hard. Of course, you have cafes, but they can be hit or miss. Use Croissant to find a place by to your next meeting to prep, have meetings with clients, grab a quick deck to write follow-up emails so you don’t have to head back to the office, and so on.

  • Link:

5) Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox - Leo Morejon
  • What is it: A “Virtual Mailbox.” A Virtual Mailbox replaces your snail mail (your regular physical mailbox address) by providing you a new address where things can get mailed. They will scan your mail, shred it, forward it, and even deposit checks for you.

  • How to use it:  Many salespeople travel frequently. Use Traveling Mailbox to keep your personal life in order while on the road. If you miss an important piece of mail (bill, insurance, license renewal, etc.) while on the road, it can cost hours of unproductive time in the future.

  • Link:

Like this list? Have your own favorite unconventional Sales Enablement tools? Let me know in the comments below.