While customer-facing chatbots get the hype, internal AI chatbots are transforming operations and giving brands a competitive edge.

The Overlooked Potential of AI for Brands

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing various industries, with early adopters experiencing profit margin boosts of over 20%, according to McKinsey.

For brands, AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision offer game-changing capabilities. These range from hyper-personalization and predictive analytics to automated workflows.

While much of the focus is on customer-facing chatbots, internal AI chatbots are transformative in their own right, optimizing operational processes to give brands a competitive edge.

What Are Internal AI Chatbots?

AI for Brands: Internal AI Chatbots for Brands

Internal AI chatbots are intelligent conversational agents explicitly designed for a company’s employees.

These bots use natural language processing to quickly understand and answer employee questions, thus eliminating the need for human intervention.

For example, an internal chatbot could ingest a brand’s sales strategy deck, product roadmaps, FAQs and more. Employees could then query the chatbot for details on the go-to-market strategy, upcoming product releases or any other information contained in the trained documents.

Deployed internally, these chatbots can be trained on a variety of the company’s proprietary files such as:

  • Marketing Strategies and Decks
  • HR Manuals
  • Internal Memos and Emails
  • Product Specifications
  • Technical Documentation
  • Sales Reports
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Training Modules

Here’s a quick example for marketing:

These capabilities make them valuable informational hubs that can field inquiries on topics ranging from benefits and company policies to technical documentation. They act as always-on support resources that are exclusive to staff.

For those interested in also exploring other ways brands are using AI’s transformative impact on marketing, my article “How AI is Helping AI Marketers: 4 Lesser-Known Techniques” delves into additional innovative strategies.

The Power of Internal AI Chatbots

AI for Brands: Internal AI Chatbots for Brands

The strategic advantages of using internal AI chatbots are numerous:

  • Automating Repetitive Tasks: By handling routine queries or automating data entry tasks, these bots free up human resources to focus on more complex issues.
  • Securely Providing Data Insights: Internal chatbots can analyze proprietary data and produce relevant insights in real-time, ensuring that sensitive information remains within the company.
  • Accelerating Onboarding: With immediate access to training modules and procedures, new hires can get up to speed much more quickly than through traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Sharing: Employees can access a centralized information source rather than sifting through multiple documents or channels, thereby improving efficiency.
  • Facilitating Remote Work: In an increasingly remote work environment, these bots can act as virtual assistants that help employees stay connected and informed regardless of their location.

Employees can swiftly get the information they need, which enhances both productivity and collaboration across the organization.

Case Studies: Brands Using Internal Bots

AI for Brands: Internal AI Chatbots for Brands

Leading companies have already seen the benefits:

  • Nestle uses bots to enable employees to quickly find information in expansive internal databases.
  • Capital One’s Eno handles over 70,000 employee requests on topics ranging from HR to company directory lookups.
  • IBM Watson assists with tasks such as PTO requests and tech support, while Walmart’s internal bots manage over 200,000 frequently asked questions.

The Future of AI for Brands

AI for Brands: Internal AI Chatbots for Brands

Internal AI chatbots offer a compelling competitive advantage by streamlining operations. As industry pioneers have shown, combining both external and internal bots can more comprehensively engage customers, empower employees, and drive growth.

For professionals keen on the strategic integration of AI in marketing, the AI Marketers Guild provides a platform for sharing insights and best practices.

To maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly AI-driven landscape, brands must integrate AI technologies across all facets of their business, from customer service to internal operations.

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