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Leo Morejon led Oreo social media marketing (community strategy) internationally for three years while at 360i (Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency) – focusing on community management, reporting, copywriting, strategy, and more.

Leo Morejon and team pioneered real-time marketing, achieved unprecedented growth via innovative campaigns, and development new social media management tools later used by Coca-Cola, The Estee Lauder Companies, and other big brands.


Oreo Social Media - FAQs

The Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet was a real-time marketing strategy conceived and executed during a 34-minute power outage at the Super Bowl XLVII. It demonstrated the power of timely and cultural relevant content, setting a precedent in the industry for real-time social media responses.

I managed Oreo’s social media presence in over 30 markets globally, leading local strategies, tactics, and content to suit different audiences and markets.

The campaigns not only set a Guinness World Record but also won numerous prestigious awards, including Cannes Lions and CLIO awards. The real-time strategies adopted during these campaigns led to a massive growth in engagement and a paradigm shift in social media marketing.

The campaigns pioneered real-time marketing, setting a benchmark in the industry. The tools and strategies developed were later adopted by major brands such as Coca-Cola and The Estee Lauder Companies, underscoring the trailblazing and influential nature of our work at Oreo.

There were several myths, including the misconception that the tweet involved paid media and that our team was the first to respond to the blackout. The reality is that it was a collaborative, spontaneous effort with no paid media involved, and several other brands also capitalized on the moment, although Oreo’s tweet garnered the most attention.

While the exact circumstances and impact of the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet are unique to that moment in time, brands can certainly learn from the principles applied in the campaign – the agility, creativity, and understanding of the audience to create real-time marketing strategies that resonate.

To delve deeper into the strategies and insights that powered the Oreo campaigns, feel free to reach out to me for support and guidance. You can also find case studies and videos discussing the various strategies below.

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