Innovating Esports Advertising
Innovating Esports Advertising


In the digital landscape where younger audiences are continually evolving, establishing a genuine connection with them is a prevailing challenge for brands.

I worked with Thece to foster novel advertising avenues within the esports ecosystem for a forward-thinking CPG company.

The Challenge

Our primary objectives were twofold:

  1. Engaging the Target Audience: The CPG company aimed to enhance its market share and brand recognition among the 18-34 demographic, a group notoriously hard to reach through traditional advertising channels.
  2. Understanding the Esports Advertising Landscape: The esports environment, though promising, necessitated a well-thought-out strategy to efficiently navigate livestream advertising.

The Work

Guided by a detailed strategy, the team embarked on implementing a series of solutions:

  1. Third-party Verification with Comscore: To foster transparency and accuracy in evaluating the campaign’s outcomes, we involved Comscore for an impartial verification of the return on ad spend.
  2. Employing Thece’s Unique Ad Unit: We utilized Thece’s ad unit, ensuring 100% viewability and creating a deeper engagement with the audience through interactive microgames, which also offered insightful data on the viewers.
  3. Brand-Safe Native Livestream Placement: The campaign was executed across a network of vetted professional esports organizations and operators, guaranteeing brand safety and optimum visibility.

The Results

The outcomes of the campaign were highly positive:

  1. Substantial Return on Investment: Comscore’s evaluation indicated a fourfold return on the CPG company’s initial investment, highlighting the campaign’s excellent ROI.
  2. Enhanced Brand Recognition: The strategy succeeded in introducing a significant portion of the target demographic to the CPG company’s brand, cultivating increased brand familiarity and affinity.
  3. Invaluable Audience Insights: The interactive microgames not only maintained viewer engagement but also provided crucial insights into their preferences and buying patterns.
Innovating Esports Advertising

Future Opportunities

As I contemplate the next steps, several promising avenues open up:

  1. Greater Inroads into the Esports Domain: This successful endeavor has demonstrated the rich potential of the esports sector for immersive advertising.
  2. Data-Driven Strategies: Armed with the data acquired from this campaign, there is scope to develop more targeted strategies to connect more effectively with the youthful audience.
  3. Further Collaborative Efforts: The collaborative venture has set a positive precedent for future partnerships, promising more innovative and fruitful campaigns.