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Partnership Terms of Service
Partnership Terms of Service


Ownership and Management, its content, and offerings are legally owned, managed, and developed by AAA Internet Brands, LLC, located in New York. Leo Morejon provides his services and expertise under the auspices of AAA Internet Brands, LLC.

Service Terms
For detailed information on partnership products and services, please refer to our webpage: Partnership Details.

  • Text/Email Chats: Leo Morejon will dedicate up to 2 hours total for responding and engaging in text/email chats.
  • Video Tutorials: Defined as pre-recorded videos provided online, each not exceeding 10 minutes in length.

Use Limitations
Services provided by Leo Morejon through AAA Internet Brands, LLC are for general use and engagement based on his general knowledge and are not intended for the purpose of accessing information or arranging meetings related to his current employer or any other positions he may hold. Clients agree not to use these services for such purposes.

Cancellation Policy

  • One-Time Services: Clients may cancel services like the Coffee and Brainstorm sessions at any time before the scheduled appointment. AAA Internet Brands, LLC reserves the right to cancel these sessions and will issue a full refund without explanation.
  • Subscription Services: Clients may cancel ongoing subscriptions at any time. AAA Internet Brands, LLC also reserves the right to terminate subscriptions if necessary. Upon cancellation, all services and access provided under the subscription will cease immediately, and a prorated refund will be issued for any prepaid amounts.

Limitation of Liability
AAA Internet Brands, LLC disclaims any liability for claims related to the advice provided or its outcomes. No guarantees are made regarding the effectiveness of the advice towards achieving specific results.

Amendments and Jurisdiction

  • These terms may be amended as necessary. Clients will be promptly informed of any significant changes.
  • Governed by the laws of New York State.

Contact Information
For any inquiries or concerns regarding these terms or our services, please visit Contact Us.