AI Digital Marketing Agency: 10 Business Ideas for 2024

I promise you, an AI digital marketing agency will save your business time and money. Here, I outline 10 ways an AI digital marketing agency will help your business. However, there are plenty more.

First, what’s an AI digital marketing agency?

An AI digital marketing agency is one that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to perform the same services a traditional digital marketing agency would. These include things like SEO, content creation, web design, social media marketing, and beyond, saving time and resources and passing on the savings to you and your business.

Will an AI digital marketing agency fully automate all the work?

Right now, you should not fully automate your digital marketing either internally or by using an agency. The best work will come from an AI digital marketing agency that purposely and wisely mixes humans with AI.

Below are 10 ways an AI digital marketing agency can help your business. However, there are many more and within these examples, there are plenty of other use cases. This is just to get you inspired and started.

#Marketing NeedOverviewHow it saves money
1Brand StrategyUtilizing AI to analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes to develop a brand strategy that resonates with your target audience.AI can process vast amounts of data much faster than humans, leading to quicker insights and strategy formation, reducing man-hours and costs associated with extensive research.
2CopywritingAI tools can generate high-quality, engaging copy for websites, ad campaigns, and social media posts.Reduces the need for a large creative writing team, allowing for rapid content creation that is optimized for SEO and user engagement.
3Sales AutomationImplementing AI-driven systems to automate and optimize the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals.Increases efficiency by streamlining sales processes, reducing the need for a large sales team, and minimizing human error.
4Creative DesignAI algorithms can create visual content, including images, layouts, and videos, tailored to brand specifications.Cuts down on design time and costs by automating the creative process and enabling rapid prototyping and iteration.
5Market ResearchAl-powered analysis of market data to identify consumer trends, preferences, and emerging markets.Quickly gathers and analyzes large data sets, providing actionable insights without the expense of traditional market research methods.
6SEOAl tools can optimize website content for search engines, improving organic search rankings and visibility.Automates the process of keyword research and on-page optimization, reducing the need for specialized SEO personnel.
7Funnel BuildingCreating automated marketing funnels that guide potential customers through the conversion process.Optimizes marketing spend by targeting users more effectively throughout the customer journey, thereby increasing ROI.
8Customer ServiceDeploying Al chatbots and virtual assistants to provide 24/7 customer support and service.Reduces the overhead costs associated with a full-time customer service team and improves response times.
9BrainstormingAl-driven idea generation tools that can help develop creative solutions and innovative campaigns.Speeds up the brainstorming process and introduces data-driven insights that can lead to more effective campaigns.
10Personnel TrainingUsing Al to personalize training programs for employees, enhancing their skills more effectively.Customizes learning paths for employees, focusing on areas that need improvement, thus reducing training time and resources.

Building your own internal AI digital marketing agency vs. hiring an external AI digital marketing agency:

Utilizing in-house AI tools allows for direct control and integration with existing systems, offering customization and immediate application of insights.

However, it requires an upfront investment in technology and skilled personnel.

On the other hand, hiring an external AI digital marketing agency provides access to specialized expertise and cutting-edge technology without the need for significant initial investment.

The choice depends on the company’s size, budget, and long-term marketing goals.

ChatGPT vs. Specialized tools for AI digital marketing agency work:

Should you use ChatGPT vs. specialized tools for AI digital marketing agency work? First, let’s cover specialized tools, a lot of them what we call “wrapper” tools or ChatGPT wrappers, which means they were built on top of ChatGPT to provide a specialized or general service. There’s nothing wrong with this, it can even be an advantage, I’m sharing for you to understand this before moving forward.

If going the internal agency route, vs. hiring an AI digital marketing agency, below are some AI tools to consider.

Here are AI tools, I provide for free:

  1. AI Policy Generator – The “Free AI Policy Generator,” a tool designed to assist you in crafting policies that serve not only as guidelines but also as a blueprint for success in the AI worl
  2. AI Marketing Text Generator – Dive into the world of AI with this Free OpenAI Prompt Generator. Use it to solve complex problems, draft compelling narratives, brainstorm innovative ideas, and more.
  3. OpenAI Prompt Generator – Dive into the world of AI with this Free OpenAI Prompt Generator. Use it to solve complex problems, draft compelling narratives, brainstorm innovative ideas, and more.
  4. AI Prompt to Product – Turn an AI Prompt (GPT-4, Google PaLM 2, etc.) into a Frontend Product/Tool on your Website (including WordPress).

Other AI Tools:

Jasper AICopy, Content CreationGenerates high-quality content like blog posts, social media captions, ad copy, and more.
Lexica ArtDesignCreates stunning and unique visuals for blog posts, social media, and marketing materials.
Surfer SEOSEOAnalyzes content and competitor performance to provide actionable insights for improving SEO.
ZapierAutomationAutomates repetitive tasks across different marketing tools, saving time and effort.
Hemingway EditorCopyImproves the clarity and readability of written content.
ChatfuelChatbotsCreates chatbots for websites and messaging platforms to automate customer interactions.
GrammarlyCopyCatches grammar and spelling errors in your writing.
Albert.aiAdvertisingOptimizes digital advertising campaigns for better results.
AnywordCopyUses AI to write high-converting marketing copy and sales pages.
PhraseeCopyGenerates personalized subject lines and email copy for better engagement.
MarketMuseSEO, Content CreationAnalyzes content gaps and suggests relevant topics to create for better SEO and audience reach.
Brand24Social Media, Brand MonitoringMonitors online conversations and mentions of your brand to track sentiment and identify opportunities.
Sked SocialSocial MediaSchedules and publishes social media posts across multiple platforms.
CanvaDesignCreates eye-catching design graphics for social media, presentations, and other marketing materials.
StoryChiefContent Creation, Marketing PlatformHelps brands create and manage engaging content across multiple channels.
DriftChatbots, Lead GenerationConverts website visitors into leads and customers using chatbots and live chat.
HiretualRecruitmentAutomates talent acquisition tasks like sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews.
OutgrowLead Generation, EngagementCreates interactive quizzes, polls, and other assessments to capture leads and learn about your audience.
Amplifi.aiPersonalization, Customer JourneyPersonalizes the customer journey across the website and email marketing.
ConversicaSales Automation, ChatbotsAutomates sales processes like lead qualification and follow-up using AI-powered chatbots.