About Leo Morejon

Leo Morejon values people and relationships above all else. 

Leo Morejon began in social media because it was an innovative way to connect with people (one-on-one and on a larger scale) and pioneered real-time social media marketing with his work on Oreo (first social media world record, The Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and more), and other major brands such as Coca-Cola and Hot Wheels.

Leo’s focus quickly started to include all marketing disciplines as well as sales and business development because, because like social media, they are ways to connect with people and it’s a way to support them with their goals. Businesses have something people want or need; Leo loves working to connect people to those needs and loves making it happen in innovative, inspirational ways.

This led him to work at SaaS marketing technology and artificial intelligence technology companies in marketing leadership positions, and to start the popular business podcast Build & Inspire and the business debate show Prove It Matters.

Leo also loves Bon Jovi, Pugs, and motorcycles. 😉

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