Leo Morejon is a keynote social media motivational speaker and influencer marketing speaker. 


Leo aims to inspire and speaks with zeal at all events to motivate.


Leo shares strategies and tactics that actually help.


Leo has done everything he speaks about, he doesn’t just talk about it.


Leo entertains using storytelling and comedy to captivate audiences.

Leo is interactive, he doesn’t speak to people, he connects with them and builds relationships as a social media motivational speaker.

Social Media Motivational Speakers - Leo Morejon
Social Media Motivational Speakers - Leo Morejon

Leo speaks internationally and has spoken at events in Mexico speaking Spanish

Leo Morejon Social Media and Sales Speaker - LeonardoM.com

Leo is equally comfortable live on-location or virtual via Facebook Live, a podcast, or web conference

Leo on the WVU Marketing Communications Today Podcast
West Virginia University - WVU Marketing Communications Today Podcast - Leo Morejon
Leo’s Interview for the Real Time Marketing Summit
Leo Speaks an IAB event in Mexico City
Leo Morejon as Sports Commentator (Spanish)

Leo’s speaking and panel topics have been diverse and are always changing

Leo Morejon Social Media and Sales Speaker - LeonardoM.com
  • The Fyre Festival – They Couldn’t Even Spell Fire Correctly – An overview of influencer marketing today and tomorrow.
  • Real-time Marketing Takes TimeBuilding a culture, team, and foundation for real-time marketing efforts.
  • From Subject Matter Expert to Sales Leadership – Teaching non-sales subject matter experts to use their current skills to become successful salespeople.
  • Real-time Marketing, Hype or Vital to Your Brand? – The Oreo Blackout Tweet changed the world, but does your brand need to change too?
  • What’s Next for Agencies? Are Agencies Dying? – Consultancies (Accenture, Deloitte, etc.) are taking business from agencies and brands are looking to build in-house teams – what will come of agencies?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Just a Marketing Buzzword? Friend? Foe? – An overview of the impact of AI on marketing and marketers.

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