Background: Led by Leo Morejon in January 2024, Applegate partnered with TV personality Tyler Cameron to launch the “Meathead Movement” campaign.

The initiative aimed to redefine the term “meathead” as someone making smart protein choices, promoting balanced and non-restrictive eating habits.

Campaign Elements:

  • PSA-Style Video: Tyler Cameron starred in a public service announcement-style video, conveying the campaign’s message of smart protein choices and balanced eating.
  • Contest: The campaign featured a contest with attractive prizes, including a high-end grill and free Applegate products, encouraging consumer participation and engagement.


  • Boost brand awareness and engagement.
  • Promote a positive and health-focused message around protein consumption.
  • Resonate with consumers looking for balanced and non-restrictive eating options.


  • Brand Awareness: The campaign successfully increased Applegate’s brand awareness, reaching a wide audience through the involvement of a popular TV personality.
  • Consumer Engagement: The contest and PSA-style video generated significant consumer engagement, with many participants entering the contest and sharing the campaign’s message.
  • Positive Reception: The campaign’s health-focused and positive message resonated well with consumers, reinforcing Applegate’s commitment to improving our food options.

Conclusion: The “Meathead Movement” campaign effectively redefined the term “meathead” while promoting Applegate’s products. By partnering with Tyler Cameron and creating engaging campaign elements, Applegate successfully boosted brand awareness and consumer engagement, leaving a lasting positive impression on its audience.

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